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Respiratory Nebulizer Items

Respiratory Nebulizer Items

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Nebulizer Rescue
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Bully Baum

Nebulizer Rescue


2 Treatments for Respiratory Infections! Use Nebulizer Rescue for viruses or in rotation with treatment for bacterial infections like aspirated pneumonia or when you don't know if viral or bacterial or possibly both as in kennel cough.

"Anytime a short-nosed dog is acting sick or off their food. Sitting in a corner by themselves, breathing seems off, and even bloating in puppies or lethargic, I ALWAYS run for my Nebulizer to treat for pneumonia first! If a completely unresponsive almost dead puppy doesn't respond in first ten minutes, I treat for poisoning. These are emergency items everyone should have on hand because if you wait to take to a vet they'll be dead." *

Ingredient Information:

Nebulizer Rescue: Used to help with viral and bacterial infections through airway and lung administration. Proprietary blend of Eucalyptus, Activated Nano Silver and Peppermint. Bronchial dilator to open airways and silver to kill bacteria and viruses. To be administered with nebulizer. This makes antibiotics 1000 times more effective in laboratory testing. Works with all kinds of antibiotics! So if you have an illness resistant to antibiotics, THIS makes them work! Besides it kills everything on its own, it's even been reportedly used successfully with lung conditions like COPD and Cancer. This can be used to treat any viral infection in the body in conjunction with Roar ER which is a drink with colloidal silver, electrolytes, and homeopathy for nausea and pain. "I use this Combo of Nebulizer Rescue and Roar ER to treat any loose stools caused by bacteria or viruses like Covid, Parvo, or Distemper." *

Nebulizer Treatment #1 is a kit that includes a small vial used only to treat bacterial infections! It already contains a bronchial dilator to open airways to get deep into lungs to heal with very first 40 minute treatment. You add 1cc to two pink ampules. This is sold as a kit with vial, ampules and syringe. Each kit provides seven treatments. Although your animal will seem cured after very first treatment, it is recommended to continue for at least a couple more days to keep from coming back. This has a 100% cure rate for any bacterial infection in the lungs to date and no short-nosed breed should be without! It will save their lives when vets and their IV fluids can't.

"For any case of aspirated pneumonia, I ALWAYS rush my Frenchie home as fast as possible to give these treatments!! No matter how close to death a vet will tell me my dog is, it always saves their lives, ALWAYS! Vet's IV fluids and antibiotics are ineffective, THIS works!" *


Directions: #1 treatment only kills bacterial infections like pneumonia or kennel cough caused by bacteria. Mix 1 cc from vial to two pink ampules. Run for 45 minutes directly in front of nose. Rotate with Nebulizer Rescue to make more effective.

Nebulizer Rescue kills all viruses and bacteria within minutes of contact. Fill nebulizer cup half full and run 15-30 minutes. Use this for any kinds of viruses.

*Both formulations contain a bronchial dilator to open airways to get treatments deep into lungs instead of settling in the throat. Making them more effective.