Breeding rare sized tiny French Bulldogs for many years. I've developed my own line of dog care supplies to prevent vet visits and costly, unnecessary procedures. Breeding supplies, designed by an experienced breeder, NOT a vet. If you've been following me for a while on my HDFrenchie's Facebook page, I'm sure you've seen many miracles and success stories people have experienced using these items.
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Bully Baum Kits

The Sklars (Sklar Brother Comedian) picking up their HDFrenchie & BullyBaum Kit. Shop the Bully Baum Daily Care & Emergency Kit and other kits for daily supplements and to treat emergencies that may come up in your fur babies lifetime.

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Skin Therapy Set

Skin Therapy Collection

Skin Therapy Set is AMAZING! For any kind of yeast, skin mites, fleas, contact dermatitis, mange, YOU NAME IT, this stuff WORKS! *HDFrenchBulldogs

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High Potency Oil Extracts

Ethanol Extraction will retrieve a large amount of beneficial oil from the herbs, we then use a closed vacuum extraction system to vacuum out all the alcohol. With a slow stirrer on low heat we evaporate any residual alcohol leaving pure herbal oils to mix into our herbal recipes. This means instead of diluted herbs, our oils are of the highest potency and just a few drops deliver thousands of mg dosage.

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High Desert's Professor Tuggins travels with Martha Stewart to model her dog clothing line.

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