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Milk Bar- Increase Milk Production

Milk Bar- Increase Milk Production

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Bully Baum

Milk Bar- Increase Milk Production


This combination can see a significant increase in breast milk production in as little as 2 to24hours, safely and naturally. Especially right after whelp. The sooner given after birth, the faster the response.

Ingredient Information:

Fenugreek: This herbal plant has been said to help increase breast milk supply since biblical times. Contains plant chemicals that resemble female estrogen hormones. When taking the proper dosage of fenugreek, they'll start to smell like maple syrup.

Blessed Thistle: works best when combined with fenugreek.

Fennel: contains estrogen-like properties making it great for increasing milk production. It can also be passed through the breast milk to pups to improve digestion, help prevent gas and soothe symptoms of colic.

Shatavari: allows for an increase in the production of prolactin and corticoids, making the overall quality of milk and milk supply much better.

  • The ayurvedic properties and the blend of everything in the powder allow the body to be in a balanced state.
  • Allows the overall health to be effectively handled and allows to fight against cellular damage.
  • The body’s immunity gets higher and reduces the possible chances of having an infection.
  • Natural herbs are suitable for the health of the digestive system.
  • The body might even be able to fight against health concerns like digestive tract inflammation, heartburn, and much more.