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Ester C IVDD

Ester C IVDD

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If injured give Daily formula once a day and IVDD formula 2 times a day slowly increase until loose stools to find max dosage. 

IVDD is Characterized by a normal sized body and shorter-than-normal limbs and undershot jaw, (sounds like ALL Frenchies to me).

"This is what I use and recommend to get dogs, vets can’t cure without very expensive surgery, up and running around quickly. Usually standing in a couple of days. A dog paralyzed from the neck down took the longest, which was two weeks. Don’t let your fur baby be “Put down” because a vet tells you they need an expensive surgery you can’t afford! Give this a try instead. She called me in tears on her way to put down her dog because she couldn't afford the surgery and the vet said there was no guarantee it would even work. She tried this instead. After two days her dog was standing, and within a week he was running around." *HDFrenchies

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Bully Baum Inc

Ester C For IVDD


IVDD is Characterized by a normal sized body and shorter-than-normal limbs and undershot jaw, (sounds like ALL Frenchies to me).

Ingredients: Ester C, Alpha GPC, Bromelain, Acetyl-L-Carnetine, Quercetine

In my experience, dogs are standing in 2-3 days and running around as if never been injured in 1 week from complete paralysis in2 weeks. I've read some amazing studies showing the extra ingredients I've added to the IVDD formula regenerating tissue and nerves while removing pain for even faster and more thorough recovery.

Daily has everything needed in a daily dose to maintain health and prevent injury. It shouldn't be increased from recommended. Zinc, Vit D can be bad if too much. 

IVDD Formula has ingredients that CAN be doubled or even tripled if injured, old, lame, etc.

About Ingredients:

Ingredients: Ester C, Alpha GPC (phosphorous), Bromelain, Acetyl-L-Carnetine, Quercetine

Benefits of Calcium Ascorbate (Ester C):

Incredibly important as a daily lifetime supplement, especially for puppies, and necessary in so many ways in day-to-day functions. I use it for healing twice as fast from any muscle and tissue damage or surgeries, developing strong tissues in developing puppies, strong placenta to carry puppies/humans, strong tissue to support joints and stop joint pain in old age, increasing sperm count, builds strong tissue to support hips and patellas to prevent issues later or unnecessary surgeries. Antioxidant and slows the progress of free radicals in the body. It also has an important role in the production of collagen, which is necessary for keeping the body flexible and fortifying the joints. Helps support the health of intervertebral discs (IVDD), bones, gums, and cartilage. It also assists in the healing of minor wounds and cuts.

Studies show Calcium ascorbate works with other enzymes and solutions to assist the body in building new tissue and help to fortify the immune system. Calcium ascorbate helps strengthen collagen and assists in synthesizing carnitine and helps support a healthy metabolism and cardiovascular health.

How it works: Calcium ascorbate is a form of vitamin C that has been combined with calcium to give the benefits of both nutrients. This works because the calcium ascorbate solution is separated in the stomach; the acid is separated from the calcium, yielding ascorbic acid and pure calcium. Ascorbic acid is an essential vitamin that is well known for its effects on the immune system. Once it has been absorbed into the intestines, it goes to work circulating through all of the watery areas of the human body. From there, it helps in the fortification of collagen while also acting as an antioxidant. It assists in the repair of damaged tissue.

Alpha GPC helping you recover faster, build more muscle, enhance strength, particularly in the lower body may increase the synthesis of acetylcholine and may help support cognitive function, mental acuity, and memory. Alpha GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine and is regarded for its ability to deliver choline across the blood-brain barrier. Is the most recommended choline form for prenatal nutrition and pregnancy. It carries 40% choline by weight compared to other forms. Is therapy for dogs with cognitive disorders (doggie Alzheimer’s disease) as well as seizures, diabetes, liver disease, and adrenal disease.

Bromelain In one study, 600 GDU bromelain given once daily in acute tendon injury promoted healing by stimulating tendon cell proliferation. In another study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, researchers found that bromelain was able to significantly reduce swelling, inflammation, and speed up healing. Proven to improve sciatic function and structural integrity, increase sciatic nerve factors and antioxidant enzymes while reducing neuropathic pain.

Acetyl-l-carnitine Studies show ALC can promote the recovery of hind limb motor function from spinal cord injury, inhibit oxidative stress and the death of cells, and repair the damaged spinal cord tissue.

Quercetin has been shown to alleviate the neuralgia and the inflammatory response of the sciatic nerve and spinal dorsal horn in chronic constriction injury. This antioxidant has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation and pain throughout the body. Can improve spinal cord injury, reduce loss of myelin sheath, enhance the ability of oxidant stress, and promote axonal regeneration. Great anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. 5 x more absorbable than others, it is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants known. Quercetin helps reduce symptoms of allergies, including runny nose, watery eyes, hives, and swelling of the face and lips.


Directions: Give in mornings along side Daily formula and another dose in the evenings.


Warning: Adequate intake of calcium and phosphorus in the appropriate ratio of 2:1(Ca:P). Both calcium and phosphorus have a wide variety of functions in the body, including aiding in blood clotting, muscle function, bone regeneration, and cell signaling. Low calcium:phosphorus ratios (Ca:P ratio) in habitual diet have been observed worldwide, and it has been shown to be harmful to the bone. As calcium intake increases without a corresponding increase in phosphorus intake, phosphorus absorption falls and the risk of phosphorus insufficiency rises. Symptoms of phosphorus deficiency include loss of appetite, anxiety, bone pain, fragile bones, stiff joints, fatigue, irregular breathing, irritability, numbness, weakness, and weight change. In the young, decreased growth and poor bone and tooth development may occur.

Needed to maintain the health of skin, cartilage, teeth, bone, and blood vessels. It is also used to protect your body's cells from damage. Skin repair, improving vision, and combating diseases. It is necessary for the breakdown of protein. This type of Vitamin C should be fed to the dog with every meal because it cannot be stored and is water soluble. Giving with meals also slows how quickly it is expelled allowing for better absorption. It is gentle and has the fewest side effects such as diarrhea or indigestion. Especially recommended for older dogs over age of 7 or any dog exhibiting slow movement from age or possibly pain from arthritis, patellas or hips.

How I Came Up With Remedy:

"How I originally came up with this remedy for IVDD/Injuries 20 years ago: I originally discovered Vit C while researching a remedy for thin placenta problems in my reproducing girls. The placentas were so thin they just fell apart during Csections and the vet warned me the girl could never be bred again or risk rupturing and losing both the pups and my girl. When this happened with multiple girls my research said it might be my well water, but bottled water didn't fix the issue. I found women talking about taking high doses of vitamin C in a forum of women who were taking fertility treatments. Vit C is very acidic, so I worried it would make my girls sick, when nausea is already a problem for pregnant girls, so I searched for a different form and found Calcium ascorbate. And later when one of my dogs suddenly became lame, unable to even stand on her hind legs, all my dogs were already on Calcium Ascorbate daily. The vet said she needed surgery, but gave me anti-inflammatories and pain killers. When I got home and googled the anti-inflammatory, I saw it was in the middle of a second class action suit for killing dogs, after already settling one, so I threw it away. Two days later my girl was standing and a couple days after that, she was running around as if she'd never been hurt. Thus I discovered the IVDD remedy before they came up with this crazy recent IVDD genetic test. I don't believe for a second that any purebred Frenchie won't test positive for IVDD. It did solve the placenta problem, but I've recently found studies showing the danger of calcium (Ester C is vit c and calcium) to phosphorus imbalance when only supplementing one without the other, as well as without magnesium and vit D, so I decided to mix my own formula in bulk since I give every day to everyone. I've now made that available here." *HDFrenchies