Collection: High Potency Herbal Extracts

Very potent oil extracts. Normally you have to take thousands of milligrams of an herb to see any real results, or take for days, weeks or months. In times of illness, you need results as quickly as possible.

When I use the term "oil extracts" I don't mean soaking an herb in a jar full of oil and then straining and using that oil. I mean taking a pound of herb and extracting its oil, so just a couple drops are equal to 1000mg or more of the herb. Alcohol is an excellent solvent for herbs because it can extract compounds and active ingredients that aren't water-soluble, such as essential oils, alkaloids, and resins. It's also the only edible solvent that can effectively extract the ingredients required. We don't even use watered-down alcohol. We use 200-proof ethyl alcohol for extraction, then we vacuum all that alcohol out and use an electric stirrer on low heat to evaporate any remaining alcohol without harming the herbal compounds of the extracted herb. What remains are the purest herbal oils, resins, and alkaloids to use in our remedies. You'll only taste herbs in our remedies.

*We are very careful to remove all traces of tissue, organ and DNA damaging alcohol. 


Respiratory Kit

HDFrenchies- "This is a kit no breed, but especially short nosed breeds, should be without! Aspirated pneumonia, Kennel Cough, Canine Flu, Covid and other viruses or bacterial infections can strike unexpectedly at any time and quickly become life threatening, you are either ready to treat or you aren't. Vets have a horrible cure rate for pneumonia and viruses. Don't risk your fur baby's life by being unprepared. I send this kit home with all my proud, new puppy parents."

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BullyBaum Daily Care & Emergency Kit

Everything I use for daily supplements and care plus an emergency toolbox to treat things that happen in your dog's lifetime such as poison, virus, bacteria, skin issues, immune system, etc.

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