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We're proud to announce our newest collection for mouths. If you don't believe how incredible this is, try it for yourself! Your teeth will feel like glass after you use it, not coated in something. I personally use it to remineralize my teeth. Genetically I have soft teeth thanks to my Mom. Using this, I don't have to get fillings or work done all the time like she did. Did you KNOW you could remineralize your teeth? I didn't before I started researching something to solve the rotting teeth problem my Frenchies were having. I'm a big believer kibble rots teeth and destroys health, both shorten life spans.

Mouth Spray, homeopathic, toothpaste, toothbrush- We'll be adding some videos on teeth cleaning to our Reference Library in our HDFrenchies, HDBullyBaum, & HDBullyGreen Social Platform. Wait until you see! 

Just because teeth look rotten and gums are swollen and recessed, doesn't mean their teeth can't be saved. You can regenerate gums and remineralize teeth. You just can't use all the regular toothpastes on the market. Glycol and any sweetener coat teeth and prevent them from remineralizing. Our toothpaste and spray work wonders! 


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Respiratory Kit

HDFrenchies- "This is a kit no breed, but especially short nosed breeds, should be without! Aspirated pneumonia, Kennel Cough, Canine Flu, Covid and other viruses or bacterial infections can strike unexpectedly at any time and quickly become life threatening, you are either ready to treat or you aren't. Vets have a horrible cure rate for pneumonia and viruses. Don't risk your fur baby's life by being unprepared. I send this kit home with all my proud, new puppy parents."

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BullyBaum Daily Care & Emergency Kit

Everything I use for daily supplements and care plus an emergency toolbox to treat things that happen in your dog's lifetime such as poison, virus, bacteria, skin issues, immune system, etc.

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