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Bully Baum

French Kiss- Whipped Mango Nose & Body Butter

French Kiss- Whipped Mango Nose & Body Butter

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Nose & Body Whipped Butter Size

Aren't you frustrated with all the hard waxy nose waxes? I sure was, so I came up with this, and absolutely love it! You'll be stealing some to use on yourself! Grab a travel size for your own lips.

All natural nose and paw cream designed to rapidly soothe and restore a damaged, chapped, or scraped nose and paws. Or rub into still damp dog after bathing.

Directions: Apply generous amount over top of crusty nose. Wait until soaked in, then rub all crusty layer off and reapply to healthy nose. Apply daily to maintain healthy nose.

Fantastic body moisturizer!

Directions: After bathing your dog, pat dry, then rub a good amount into wet coat to reach skin and rub thoroughly to remove any dry flaky skin and to heal dry skin and brittle coat.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Mango butter, Shea butter, hemp oil.

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HDBully Baum

Bully Baum Daily Care & Emergency Rescue Kit


I use to treat: loose stools • bacterial infections • pneumonia • induce vomiting • absorb ingested poisons • replenish electrolytes • replenish trace minerals • regulate GI tract • vaccinosis • vaccine detox • detox heavy metals • viruses • seizures • quickly recover from injuries • remove pain • recover after surgery/injury faster • prevent erroneous diagnosis for IVDD • grow strong tissue to support joints • increase mobility in elderly dogs • lower blood pressure • yeast • herpes • anaphylactic shock • anti-inflammatory • giardia • coccidia • worms • kennel cough • distemper • Parvo • heartworm • bad breath • tooth and gum issues • skin rash • minor cuts • nose conditioning • skin moisturizing • sprains • ear cleaning • disinfecting • any bronchial issue • prevent unnecessary surgeries (back, hips, patellas) • and many other issues." - Stephanie, HD Frenchies

Information About This Product

We offer this BullyBaum Kit in two sizes. One with Nebulizer and attachments and one without.