Collection: Ester C Formulas

Don't EVER let a vet talk you into killing your Frenchie or a $7000 - $8000 IVDD surgery or a patella or hip surgery without trying this for a week or two first!!

Ours comes in two formulas: IVDD and our Pregnancy formula. Pregnancy has tons of other fantastic ingredients, but it can't be increased in dosage as needed. It's a once a day supplement. The IVDD can be increased as needed and is most effective if slowly increased to tolerance which is realized by loose stools. Then reduce dosage enough to firm stools. That's maximum dosage tolerance. Stay on that until beyond fully recovered, then drop down to daily maintenance dosage. You CAN use both of these formulas at the same time for even more benefit.

EVERY Frenchie should be on Ester C from the time they are born to prevent injuries later. BullyBaum Ester C has the needed Phosphorous to balance the calcium in Ester C to prevent the health issues associated with calcium/ phosphorous imbalance. If injured give morning and night for at least a week (the longer the better), even if seem cured and seem normal after two days. Then once daily maintenance for life. If old age dog that can barely move, this will help them also. After any surgery or injury any dog should be given this. Athletes or working dogs should also be on 1000mg a day. Pregnant or breeding dogs should be on the pregnancy formula daily, especially between litters. This is a miracle supplement that is underutilized. Not all Ester C is the same. I don’t know why, but some works and some doesn’t. This also works for people with a much larger dosage.

What to remember about Ester C: Ester C is for tissue. That means healing twice as fast from any muscle and tissue damage, developing strong tissues in developing puppies, strong placenta to carry puppies/humans, strong tissue to support joints and stop pain in old age, increases sperm count, will build strong tissue to support hips and patellas to prevent issues later or not get surgery on them. Incredibly important as a daily lifetime supplement. Especially for puppies.

Ester C may support the immune system; help produce collagen; support tissues, gums, teeth, and cartilage; and assist in synthesizing carnitine, which speeds up recovery time during exercise and help support healthy metabolism.

It is an antioxidant and may slow the progress of free radicals in the body. It also has an important role in the production of collagen, which is necessary for keeping the body flexible and fortifying the joints. It helps support the health of intervertebral discs (IVDD), bones, gums, and cartilage. It also assists in the healing of minor wounds and cuts.

• Fortifies the immune system

• Supports healthy tissue and cartilage

• Helps support healthy metabolism

• Supports the joints

• Contributes to healthy bones & teeth

• Antioxidant

Respiratory Kit

HDFrenchies- "This is a kit no breed, but especially short nosed breeds, should be without! Aspirated pneumonia, Kennel Cough, Canine Flu, Covid and other viruses or bacterial infections can strike unexpectedly at any time and quickly become life threatening, you are either ready to treat or you aren't. Vets have a horrible cure rate for pneumonia and viruses. Don't risk your fur baby's life by being unprepared. I send this kit home with all my proud, new puppy parents."

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BullyBaum Daily Care & Emergency Kit

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