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Growth Remover

Growth Remover

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HDFrenchies- "This paste is awesome! I use to remove any growths or any abscesses like between toes on paws. Generally, one week to dissolve the tumor and one week of ointment to not scar and grow back hair. It doesn't affect normal healthy tissue."


Hi there! Me again. With a verrrry odd situation. My daughter came up with a huge 2inch lump under her armpit we found it on dec 19. Not sure if it had been there longer... anyway it’s been weeks and all the drs agree it’s cat scratch disease.... which ok we have kittens. So I’ll go with that. We’ve gotten blood tests back and it’s normal still waiting on the bacteria results to come back.... anyway my question here is if you know what I can give her to help clear this lymph system to get this huge bump to go down. They put her on two anitibiotics at the same time to try and kill the bacteria and nothing worked it’s actually growing. Slowly but it is. I’m at a loss with the medical system and looking for a different stand point from the holistic side as you’ve helped us so many time with humans and animals!

Just cover growth with paste, cover with gauze, and vet wrap. Change daily until completely gone (usually one week) and healed (ointment to prevent scarring and grow back hair) another week. You should see results every day.

*Vets usually charge around $800 to remove. If any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately.

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