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Custom Remedy

Custom Remedy

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Homeopathy~ Supplemental alternative medicine. Based on theories first developed in the 1700s. Safe for use on humans and pets and animals. There are no contraindications to homeopathy, making our products an ideal adjunct to your health plan. Our information is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, prevent, treat, or cure any symptom or disease as defined by the FDA.

Thuja & Lyssin, DAPP, Bordetella Kennel Cough, Respiratory, Ear Combo, Uterine, Bone Strengthener, Back Pain, Allergy, Custom Request

"My vaccination protocol with never any problems except ONCE when people who got puppy with BullyBaum kit never even opened it and their puppy got Parvo exactly 30 days after getting her. After I walked them through curing her all weekend and she was up running around playing and eating again on her own, I told them to just keep doing what they were doing and call me if anything changed. Instead, they took her to a vet Monday morning and stopped my treatment, which led to the virus being able to multiply, and she almost died in VET CARE. Vets have NO WAY to treat a virus, they hook them up to a IV for fluids and give antibiotics and pain killers, which DO NOTHING for a virus, then run up your vet bill and just wait to see if dog survives on their own. They then contacted me with a $17,000 vet bill expecting me to pay it. We went to court and after all the texts and info I provided. (they tried to claim I sold them a sick puppy) the judge only had to see proof from the veterinary association that pups generally die in 2-3 days with untreated parvo to win the court case. I will NOT replace a puppy if new owner allows them to get Parvo or any other virus by not following my new puppy protocol which prevents it. I start giving DAPP at 4 weeks old once a week until 6 months old. I give a half dose of Puppy DPv at 8-9 weeks and Anti-Vaccinosis day before, day of, day after, then every other day for one week total. Immune Booster is givenin food starting as soon as they start eating which has several ingredients in it which kill viruses. The DAPP keeps their immune system in high gear fighting off those illnesses in case exposed its already ramped up to fight it off, while building a natural immunity through natural exposure rather than dangerous injection bypassing all of the body's natural immunity." *HDFrenchies

Custom formula, please state all health issues and symptoms in notes when placing order.  Such as: Injuries, diagnosis, location of any pain, etc. The more information the better. It comes in 2 or 4 ounces.

*You've probably already talked to me about whatever health issue. If so, just a brief description to remind me of our conversation is all that's needed. I talk to a lot of people every day, so I won't remember if not recent.

 Homeopathic custom remedy for health issues. Best used in conjunction with herbal extract and immune booster.

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HDBully Baum

Bully Baum Daily Care & Emergency Rescue Kit


Pneumonia, Kennel Cough, Bacterial, Viral, Respiratory

This kit comes with Immune Booster with ingredients proven to kill viruses in laboratory testing. Colostrum which used to be used as an antibiotic before there were antibiotics. One Nebulizer treatment kills viruses and bacteria within 6 minutes of contact in studies. The other Nebulizer treatment kills bacterial infections. Both have bronchial dilators to open airways so treatment gets deep into the lungs. These are most effective when used in rotation. Working synergistically in rotated treatments makes them both more potent and effective. Don't mix them. 40-minute treatments, two of each for the first couple days in dire situations, continue for two days past seemingly cured, then just one a day of each for a total of 7-9 days. Homeopathic reduces mucus and helps with respiratory issues, give it every 15 minutes for first hour, then hourly until mucus reduces and breathing easier. Then 3-4 doses a day until better. They will seem cured after just one or two treatments but continue to be sure all clear.

Information About This Product

Kit comes with all the equipment and accessories that I use to treat bacterial and viral infections with directions on how I've used kit for over a decade to treat Aspirated pneumonia, bacterial infections, viral infections and any respiratory issue." *HDFrenchies



If you've been putting off getting the complete Bully Baum Kit, this is a bare essentials alternative, that will at least help treat the sudden, life threatening respiratory issues you could run into.

Immune Booster: Proprietary blend of Ashwaganda, Olive leaf and other herbs to boost immune system and herbs that have proven in numberous studies to kill viruses, bacteria, protozoa, yeast and regulate the immune system while strengthening.

Bronchial Rescue mix is Used to help with viral infections and coughs. Proprietary blend of Bronchial dilator, Colloidal Silver, herbs to open airways and kill bacteria and viruses.


Kit Comes in Two Sizes:

  • Nebulizer Rescue (proprietory) 4oz and 8oz
  • Pneumonia Nebulizer Treatment (proprietary) one size
  • Immune Booster Supplement (proprietary) Ing.: Olive Leaf, Slippery Elm, Ashwaganda, Amla 2oz and 4oz
  • Homeopathic for Respiratory Issues (proprietary) 2oz and 4oz
  • Pink Ampules of Saline (used in Pneumonia treatment) 8 and 16
  • Colostrum 2oz and 4oz


Includes items: Respiratory Combo Naturopathic Remedy, Nebulizer Rescue, nebulizer with attachments, pink ampules, syringe, olive and directions on how I use it, so I don't ever lose another fur baby to pneumonia.