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Roar E.R.

Roar E.R.

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I was contacted to help this little guy after he was almost killed with not just one round of Panacur, but TWO! And still the Giardia was overwhelming his system. Roar E.R. was crucial in keeping him from dying from dehydration and getting him to eat again while killing the Giardia with Immune Booster/Olive Leaf. *HDFrenchBulldogs

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Bully Baum



ROAR E.R. drink 4oz.

Recover . Energize . Restore

Electrolytes, anti-nausea, anti-viral, anti-bacteria

HDFrenchies- "I use Roar ER to reduce pain with Homeopathy, increase energy, restore electrolytes lost with diarrhea and anti-bacterial/anti-viral properties."

The greatest thing about Roar is that it is a Homeopathic formula for pain and nausea, has electrolytes and colloidal silver kills all germs, bacteria and viruses on contact.

Proven to kill viruses and Bacteria within 6 minutes of contact. Crucial with electrolytes for loose stools.

Ingredient Information:

Homeopathic for Nausea and Pain results seen normally in 15 minutes. Keeping them eating when they don't feel well is important!

Why do we call it ROAR ER? Because when your furry friend is hurting, in pain, emotionally drained, or stressed out, a little gentle hug won’t always fix things. We want to help her ROAR again with ingredients that can quickly destroy the bad stuff, promote a comfortable and energetic feeling, and quickly bring back the ROAR you have come to know and love in your little fur baby! Ingredients for dogs should be as high a quality as those for people. In fact, people can drink it and experience all the same benefits of all the wonderful ingredients.


Directions: Roar ER Directions: Give directly into mouth one Tablespoon every 15 minutes for first hour, then 3-4 times a day during illness or for athletic recovery.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Ingredients: Activated Nano Silver, Electrolytes, Rhuta Grav (pain), Nux Vomica (nausea).