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Skin Therapy Shampoo

Skin Therapy Shampoo

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Bully Baum

Skin Therapy Shampoo


Skin Therapy Set is AMAZING! For any kind of yeast, skin mites, fleas, contact dermatitis, mange, YOU NAME IT, this stuff WORKS! *HDFrenchBulldogs

Medicated Shampoo for all skin issues to stop itching, hair loss and hot spots.

Ingredient Information:

Skin Therapy Shampoo: For itchy skin problems. Help with skin mites, ear mites, yeast, and protozoa.

Skin Therapy After Bath Rub: After bathing, pat dry and while wet rub thoroughly into wet skin, don't rinse. Help with skin mites, ear mites, mange, yeast, and protozoa. REPELS: fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. Olive oil, coconut, neem, lavender,clove,

Skin Therapy Spray: A natural remedy to soothe itchy, damaged skin, while providing a gentle moisturizer. For use in between bathing. Non-alcohol witch hazel, aloe, colloidal silver.

Used it to clean and disinfect, soothe itchy, damaged skin, and apply a gentle moisturizer. Skin Therapy Spray is the ideal solution for mild to medium skin issues, scratching, and discomfort.

Medicated Shampoo for itchy skin and licking paws. Can also be used in ears. Can help with skin mites, ear mites, yeast, and protozoa.

They work together to help with all your skin issues.


Directions: Lather and wait 15 minutes to rinse. Pat dry and follow with Skin Therapy after bath oil rub. Rub in well.