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Loose Stool Mix

Loose Stool Mix

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Triple Clay absorbs any extra toxins released, Slippery Elm firms loose stools while soothing digestive and intestines and the DE scrubs intestinal walls. Slippery elm bark is known to fight inflammation and protectively coat the stomach, which enables faster recovery from diarrhea episodes.

  • Skin issues and Allergies
  • Digestive issues
  • Pancreatitis
  • Kidney and liver Support
  • Immune support
  • Parasites
  • General detoxification

Bentonite helps to clear intestinal parasites by dehydrating them, binding to them and then pulling them out of the body.

Bentonite can be calming and cooling both applied internally and externally.Internally Bentonite clay has proven to remove many different bacteria and fungi,including candida albicans, that can lead to skin issues. It can help support and excrete histamine from the bowel (histamine, we know can create intense itching and can accumulate whether your pet is experiencing allergies or not) and clay can help support liver and kidney function which is essential when detoxification is required. Applied externally (clay being wet and made into a paste) can help hotspots, wounds, calm itching and help fungal infections.

Bentonite clay has for a long time been considered as an effective treatment for diarrhoea, IBS and IBD. A trial in 1961, was shown that orally administered bentonite treated 97% of cases with different causative factors of diarrhoea.

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HDBully Baum

Bully Baum Daily Care & Emergency Rescue Kit


I use to treat: loose stools • bacterial infections • pneumonia • induce vomiting • absorb ingested poisons • replenish electrolytes • replenish trace minerals • regulate GI tract • vaccinosis • vaccine detox • detox heavy metals • viruses • seizures • quickly recover from injuries • remove pain • recover after surgery/injury faster • prevent erroneous diagnosis for IVDD • grow strong tissue to support joints • increase mobility in elderly dogs • lower blood pressure • yeast • herpes • anaphylactic shock • anti-inflammatory • giardia • coccidia • worms • kennel cough • distemper • Parvo • heartworm • bad breath • tooth and gum issues • skin rash • minor cuts • nose conditioning • skin moisturizing • sprains • ear cleaning • disinfecting • any bronchial issue • prevent unnecessary surgeries (back, hips, patellas) • and many other issues." - Stephanie, HD Frenchies

Information About This Product

We offer this BullyBaum Kit in two sizes. One with Nebulizer and attachments and one without.